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Home Remodeling in Fort Lauderdale: How to Choose the Right Sinks and Taps

February 21st, 2016 | Posted by Diane Stevens in Home Remodeling - (Comments Off on Home Remodeling in Fort Lauderdale: How to Choose the Right Sinks and Taps)

Does your Broward County kitchen need a makeover?  Would you like to upgrade your fixtures?  What would be the best things to consider when buying sinks and taps for your home?

  1. Figure out what you need.  The kitchen sink is center of all activities in the busiest area of the home.  This needs to be sturdy and suitable for the type of work you are going to do.
  2. There are many types of kitchen sinks to choose from. Some may have pull out taps, built in garbage disposals, underwater sink purifiers, water filters, soap dispensers, single lever mixing taps and many more.
  3. Determine what you need and what features you are looking for.
  4. First off, choose a sink made of stainless steel. It’s easier to clean and sturdy. But, if you want porcelain or cast iron, you can also opt for these if they complement your kitchen’s design or fixtures.
  5. Look for a sink with the drain located on the corner to allow you more room beneath it.  Find one with basins that can fit the biggest pot you have. You don’t want to risk chipping off your pricey kitchen counter top if you choose a sink that’s too small.
  6. When choosing your faucets or taps, make sure it matches your kitchen sink.   Decide whether you want one or two handles. A spray arm is highly recommended.  Steer clear of brass finishes, as these are not ideal for daily use. Instead, go for nickel, chrome, pewter or bronze.

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Home Remodeling Tips For The Creative DIYer

April 16th, 2015 | Posted by Diane Stevens in Home Remodeling - (Comments Off on Home Remodeling Tips For The Creative DIYer)

home remodelingUndergoing the daunting, but exciting task of home remodeling can be the cause of a lot of sleepless nights.  Not knowing what to expect before the job starts can be scary while living in a constant construction zone during the process can drive a person crazy.  It doesn’t need to be though, not if you prepare yourself and your family properly before the first hammer is raised.

Sure, it seems simple enough in theory, but there are a lot of aspects to remodelling your home that can make it easier to cope with.  Simple things like preparation prior to the commencement of the project will help you go through the job without experiencing any trouble.  There are a few ways that you can do this, so let’s see what your options are:


Alright, so it isn’t always that easy to hand your home over to contractors while you hide away from the rubble with your family.  But, if you have the option of staying with a friend or relative nearby, it can be a whole lot less stressful for you and your family.


Having a home remodelling project on the go in the middle of the summer isn’t the best idea when you have kids.  If they aren’t at Summer Camp or at school, it could be a nightmare for you while you’re trying to get the project finished.  Children get bored, curious and generally get in the way.  Time your construction project so that you don’t have to worry about where your kids are.


Knowing that a remodelling or renovation is going to take time is half the battle, being prepared for it is another.  Don’t rush the contractors in your home to get the job done sooner than it should, just because you are impatient to have your home back.  Rush jobs often mean having to redo the remodel at a later stage because attention to detail was overlooked.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my tips on home remodelling. Also read about estimating for a budget bathroom remodel and get information on how to prepare for a kitchen remodel to ensure a hassle-free renovation.

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Commercial Plumbing Tips That Will Cut Down Business Expenses

April 9th, 2015 | Posted by Diane Stevens in Commercial Plumbing - (Comments Off on Commercial Plumbing Tips That Will Cut Down Business Expenses)

commercial plumbingYour business might not necessary have anything to do with plumbing in any way, but that doesn’t mean that you need to write it off as unimportant.  Having the plumbing in your commercial property flowing freely is essential for all aspects of running a business, so being proactive is vital.  Plumbing problems are a part of life, and while we don’t want to have to deal with faulty plumbing, it is a reality that everyone has to face eventually.  Being proactive about the plumbing running through your business helps avoid any nasty commercial plumbing surprises, while saving you money in the long run.  Massive repairs cost a lot of money, and these are usually because plumbing problems go unchecked or unresolved.  Being smart about the plumbing in your building not only saves the added expense, but also the mess involved with a major repair.  So what can you do to be proactive about your commercial plumbing?  Simple, pay attention.

When pipes start leaking or toilets run relentlessly, call in a professional to attend to the situation.  Not all plumbers are created equally, so it’s advised that you look for a plumber who is experienced, trained and licensed to service commercial plumbing systems.  What makes the plumbing any different to that in your home?  Well, commercial plumbing is on a much larger scale that the few pipes that you might have in your home.  You need a plumber capable of working on commercial plumbing systems as well as they would on your residential property.  Be sure to ask the company you’ll hire about their expertise on commercial plumbing and how rich their technicians’ experiences are.

Be sure to schedule regular plumbing maintenance for the commercial property.  This is the perfect way to be proactive while saving money on potential catastrophes that happen when plumbing gets left unchecked.  Old pipes need more attention than newer systems, so make sure to get a professional in to do the necessary maintenance on a regular basis.

I hope I have made it clear how considering the qualities of a good bathroom contractor will help you cut down on plumbing costs for your business. Also, consult with the right people to learn how to estimate plumbing costs for new construction. Lastly, once you’ve already had your plumbing set up, don’t forget to implement maintenance measures to keep your place of business in good shape.

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The Best Way To Unclog Kitchen Sink Grease In West Palm Beach

March 19th, 2015 | Posted by Diane Stevens in Drain Cleaning - (Comments Off on The Best Way To Unclog Kitchen Sink Grease In West Palm Beach)

best way to unclog kitchen sink grease in West Palm BeachA clogged or blocked drain in your kitchen is typically caused by a grease build up that comes from the food we cook.  Although the food we eat is tasty, the after effects of a grease clogged drain is not! Grease from pots, pans and plates usually just gets washed down the drain before popping them into the dishwasher, and while it is convenient, it isn’t good for your plumbing.  Grease build up forms from coagulated fat that hardens in your plumbing, and this causes big problems for homeowners.  There are solutions to grease build up though that you can do yourself before turning to the professionals.  To remove grease from your drain while saving your home from potential water damage, follow these simple steps:

  • Prevention is better than Cure

It is always better to prevent a plumbing catastrophe, so start with making sure that grease doesn’t get disposed of down the drain.  Make sure that you don’t flush ingredients like butter or lard into your sink either while you are cooking.  Soak greasy plates and utensils in boiling water with a few drops of a strong degreasing cleaner to breakdown fatty residue.

  • Find the Right Degreaser

There are so many products on the market that promise to have the best degreasing properties, but some of them also have the strongest chemicals.  These chemicals are not only harmful to the environment, but prolonged use can have a negative effect on your plumbing as well.  Look for brands that make use of bio-degradable ingredients as well as degreasing properties.  A great degreaser can’t remove an existing grease clog, but it the best way to prevent a grease build up.

There are a number of other, more invasive routes that a homeowner can take to unblock a grease clogged drain, but many of them include harmful chemicals.  Be sure to consult a professional before attempting to pour strong chemicals straight into your plumbing system.  It could be the difference between a quick plumbing call out and a total plumbing disaster.

I hope that you learned the best way to unclog kitchen sink grease in West Palm Beach through my blog. Also read this article on how to clean your drains to ensure that you won’t experience clog issues. And if you ever face plumbing emergencies, just call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687954-522-8282 or 1-800-DOUG-ORR to schedule a service!

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